sheJAMs is a Portland-based club for women of all ages and abilities who enjoy being active. The club was founded by three friends to foster a supportive, open environment for women to train together and share each other’s experiences, accomplishments, and challenges.

sheJAM’s is for any women wanting a sense of belonging. Somewhere you can find a friend who has the same interests! A place to be or become a strong, active woman, making a difference for ourselves, in our homes and our communities.

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to join in the fun! Everyone is welcome! sheJAM’s  is a place where women can share their love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle in a safe, friendly encouraging environment.   You can work out or train as easily or intensely as you want and you will always find someone at a similar level!

sheJAMs focuses on swimming, biking, running and strength training with the opportunity to improve general fitness and skills for whatever you want to accomplish. Maybe you run your first 5K, learn how to swim or try your luck at a triathlon, or even a marathon!  It is the group for any level!

We host regular social events beyond training that have include:   Yamuna Body Rolling with Melora Gregory, Self Defense at Discovery Martial Arts, potluck dinners, a run to Ri Ra’s, sheJAMs spin classes followed by dinner, Makeup and Hair tips at J Kelly Salon, Bike Fittings at Gorham Bike and Ski, Bike 101 at Cyclemania, Bowling at Bayside Bowling, Nutritional information at The Vitamin Shop,  a Cooking Demonstration by Barbara from Whole Foods, Boot Camp.  The list goes on and new ideas are always welcome! The options are endless!

Most of all we want to offer an opportunity to live healthy lives and  form lasting friendships.

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