Chasing the Myth of Work/Life Balance

Chasing the Myth of Work/Life Balance


3:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Designed specifically for Maine Women Magazine’s Kennebunkport EXPO, this interactive mini-workshop will challenge popular cultural beliefs about the reality of a “balanced life.” We all strive for story book balance, but is such a state truly attainable in this busy day-to-day world?

What if I told you that equal work/life balance is a simply a myth, and more importantly, that it’s OK?

Join us as we look individually and collectively at our own lives. Be it work, family, a relationship or simply no time for ourselves, we’ll become work/life myth-busters. Utilizing custom materials, and years of professional coaching for women from all walks of life, you’ll gain basic techniques to embrace the perfection of imbalance, and the acknowledgment of unrealistic expectations.

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