Welcome to LoveLight! Join us at The LoveLight Center in Wells, Maine to experience the pure divine energy from Mother Mary! 

LoveLight Illuminations is an expansive healing and enlightenment system channeled from Mother Mary to help shift each of us into our own light.  LoveLight is high vibrational divine energy that aligns and attunes the light centers in the body’s light field for spontaneous healing and spiritual expansion.  The Illuminations of LoveLight are divine experiences and offerings providing opportunity for physical healing, changing health, strengthening relationships with others and self, shifting perspective and expanding our awareness and connection into the spiritual plane to discover our true divine selves.  We welcome you to explore the Illuminations of LoveLight and embrace your light within…


LoveLight Illuminations

Wellness & Transformation
at The LoveLight Center
2089 Post Rd (Rte 1)
Wells ME 04090
Walk-In Hours: Tues-Fri 10am-3pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Tel: 207-216-9584